The covid-19 impacted the functionality of almost all businesses, but some experienced elevated demands and earned profit more than normal times. Outdoor gear and companies dealing with outdoor products observed raised demand, but the owners took brave and rational decisions to cope with the drastic effects of the virus on their domain. Online shopping scams blocked the connection of potential customers with authentic online outdoor gear brands but reviews on authentic websites about sportsman’s guide united sports enthusiasts with well-known and established sports equipment retailers. People can protect themselves from online scams by purchasing from original and authentic retailers.

Sports equipment and online fraud

The sports enthusiasts were very upset when the country announced lockdown and gyms, wedding halls, stores, and everything was closed except the stores containing essential items. However, they resolved this tension by practicing various games and exercising at home by ordering sports gear online. Many consumers experienced online scams, as they placed an order for sports equipment and paid using wire transfer, money order, and the option of payment before delivery and they never got their order delivered to their provided location.

Modern scamming methods

The improvement in technology shouldered people on one hand and on the other hand it exposed people to the threat of cyber-attacks and the risk of online frauds and misleading ways. Nowadays scammers not just utilize fake promotional calls but use social media pages and WhatsApp business accounts to endorse their idea and portray that they are authentic sellers. For short periods, they open fake stores on different social networks to sell sports gear (clothing, shoes, hunting essentials, Guns, Ammo, and camping material). After earning enormous profit through huge sales, the online store, and its associated social media pages escape. Such fraudulent efforts advertise and market their fake websites and use the interface imitated from trustworthy websites of the business in that particular domain.

Caution indications

People think sports gear is a domain in which there will be no online fraud, but scammers interloped this industry by using modern hacking tactics and fraudulent techniques. Users can protect themselves by using some caution indication. Usually, the product that offers extra benefits at lower rates, instant payment requests, pay before acquiring the discounted deal, limited store information, no privacy policy, and terms and requirements page hints that the online retailer is suspicious. Moreover, the authentic retailers maintain return and refund policy, complaint page, and fair policies manifestly mentioned on the website and their social media pages.


Sports enthusiasts cannot restrict themselves to home without sports gear, online shopping allowed them access to a variety of sports equipment and made the purchase process easy and simple. Though scammers took advantage of the elevated demand for sports essentials in the covid-19 period and developed fake websites and social media stores to cheat people and earn illegal money by deceiving innocent citizens. There are some precautionary steps through which users can guard themselves against online deception like purchasing from a secure URL by using protected payment assistance.